REIKI & Spiritual Healing Classes in Prescott & Flagstaff AZ. - Academy of Spiritual Healing Arts
Usui Reiki Classes Offered In The Prescott,  Arizona Area
Giving Instructions at the Medicine Wheel Event
After Perfoming a Wedding Ceremony
Rev. Linda J. Evans DSH,RMT,HHP,RH
Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Multiple Lineages to Mikao Usui Sensei
Karuna® Reiki Master/Teacher, Lineage to William Rand*
Karuna-Ki-Do Master/Teacher, Lineage to Vincent Amador
Divine Will Spiritual Healer, Lineage to Paramhansa Yogananda
AKASH Teacher, Lineage to Swami Kriyananda
New Age Teacher of the Nayaswami Order
Doctorate in Spiritual Healing*
*(Yogananda Institute, based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda & Swami Kriyananda) 
*(®International Center for Reiki Training)
Classes Also Offered:
Chakra Balancing,
Karuna-Ki Reiki, AKASH,
Crystal Healing
Master Spiritual Healing Program
Many of these classes are offered at Yavapai Community College
Yavapai Community College Information
We are very involved in community healing, recovery programs and personal empowerment.
We have been featured in "In Recovery Magazine".  A world-wide publication, created right here in
 Yavapai County!!
The Academy is:
Privately Accredited and Board Certified with the
American Association of Drugless Practitioner
#96303311 & #42102908
United States Patent and Trademark Office
Upon completion of classes, you are eligible to apply
for Holistic Health Practitioner Certification
See bottom of second page for schedule and locations.  With our program, you can now pick your schedule and location!
We also offer a Master Spiritual Healing Degree program!  See this link for more details.
Summer/Fall 2014
 Class/Event Schedule Is Now Posted
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More information is available at:
This image was captured by Linda Evans on 12/31/2012
Just outside of Seligman, Arizona
It appears that these spirits are Native Americans in full headdresses.
Plus, several colored orbs
The evening after the Ceremony
Dawn, the day after "The Shift"
Moving from dark to light!
The entire sky separated from dark to light!
Medicine Wheel Ceremony
Swirling energy above an offering to Mother Earth
!! Healing Sessions !!
!! Now Available !!
Reiki (Usui & Karuna)
Advanced Cranial Sacral Therapy
Cranial Rhythms
Crystal Healing
Chakra Balancing
Tuning Fork Chakra & Aura Balancing
Color Healing
The Office of the Academy is located
Chino Valley, Arizona
Linda Evans in the forest with her horse, Honey.
This is HEALING!
Are you ready for the Gift of Reiki?
Are you ready to learn how you can be involved in healing others?
Are you ready to be proactive in your own healing?
Are you ready for the gift of Reiki?
New Reiki Master/Teachers!!!
What is a What is ReikiMaster?
A Reiki Master has "self-mastery" over what is "limiting", while having the "realization" of what is the "infinite".
Reiki is all about self-empowerment!
Learning How to Give an Attunement
Great Teachers Honor the Original
Teachings and Traditions
The Path is Our Goal
For a breakdown and syllabus of all the courses we teach, visit our other website at
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